That psycho didnt want me to tell the truth. I was in the passenger seat of my nissan and he was driving. I dont let people drive my patrol. He told me he wasnt happy that I told the truth and he punched me in the face with knuckle dusters on. It knocked me out cold. My teeth on the right side of my
face are smashed and out of alignment. I only chew my food on the left. A few days after I noted my face was swollen and I took selfies as at that time I couldnt recall what happened. Someone did take a photograph at the moment of impact. I guess they will keep that photo and only hand it over to the
highest bidder. Apparently I dont have enough evidence for my complaint to be acknowledged.
Hilarious. …… For some of you that have been conditioned into accepting cruelty of this measure. At the same time I still continue on, as I have been conditioned to cope with a
level of abuse that if another person was instantly exposed to; it would make them suicide within hours.


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