From my perspective.
I defended a person and then became a target from this persons attacker.
This ginger ninger psycho, attacked me my whole life. Attacked, drugged and hypnotized, used and setup from 12-13 yo. Attacked at high school, attacked in the local park. I never had a
chance, as I hadn’t realised why I was continually targeted. There was the whole ‘born again’ process being applied, with threat that if I didnt conform, my life would be damned. By 1994 I realised how I was being attacked, the druggings, beatings and brainwashing had been
confirmed. I spoke to a local politician asking for help. I spoke to cyrinian house asking for help. I tried to tell my family, asking for help.
I spoke to the state mental health, asking for help.
Certain criminals were trying to force me to sign ‘bits of paper’. I did what I could to not sign anything. But being
drugged, brainwashed, hypnotised and set up, it was difficult to keep track of events. This is a deliberate attempt of exploitation and then claiming that ‘they’ have a ‘right’.
I had warned those at cyrinian house that if they didnt listen, if they didnt comprehend, then this would
end in tragedy. I warned the mental health, I warned my family.
Everyone ignored my complaints and I was involuntarily treated with antipsychotics, incarcerated and devalued of my selfworth.
The denials of those in authority, was for their own
benefit. Not mine.
In this process a psychopath realised he could take advantage. The ignorant authorities maintained the ignorance and the psychopath continued the druggings, hypnosis and manipulation.
I continued to ask for help. The authorities insisted they
were helping, by enforcing treatment with antipsychotics and denial of the truth and their responsibilty.
In 2004 I realised that I have given my life to gain justice for a young woman that was no longer alive. A young woman that the authorities cared less about, than the
promise of a financial gain.

As it is today, the dirty deals, the antipsychotics, the deceitful collusion of the govt and organised crime, the mental health authorities that deny the truth and their obligations to the sanctity of life, as a means of protecting their reputations, income
and authority, would rather continue to hide the truth with further abuse and torture.
It is not I, that requires antipsychotic treatment, it is the authorities that enabled, with self righteous arrogance and ignorance, the crimes of exploitation and extortion.
As the potential for financial gain increased the value the victims lives decreased.
The rhetoric used by the LNP, to try and claim their helpfulness to global victims, has been plaguarized from my writtens pleas for truth and justice, of which they insist on ignorance.
Shame, shame, shame!


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