This psycho has attacked me my whole life. You chose greed. You were offered money to help him attack me I never got married, I never had kids, I never had a career, I never travelled, I never had a life. This psycho laughs at how easy it was to have a perpetual victim and a nation cheer his sadistic
Every time I asked for help I was devalued and told I am mentally ill. This psycho is a stalker, that legitimised his stalking by claiming to be some kind of entrepreneurial paparazzo. A stalker that drugs his victims, sets them up with hypnosis, and is right there with a camera to
justify his stalking. The govt and the state mental health fuckwits helped him getaway with this in exchange for cash payments. I studied at tafe. I was at muwa in 2001. That psycho attacked young woman at muwa at that time. He always gets away with heinous crimes as he has contacts or is able to
manipulate authority. You will regret your choices.
As he has said; Australian’s are naive, gullible and too stupid for their own good. He said he would prove it to me.
…..and he has.
You stood by and watched this psycho do this. So what outcome do you expect?
One way or the other I
suicide. Either you tell me the truth so I can rest in peace. Or you keep lying and YOU will never rest in peace.
Speak now, because when I’m dead you will regret what you have done and what you didn’t tell me, when you should have said something.
Maybe you will feel it necessary to go to church?


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