“It is easier for people to be deceived than it is for people to admit they have been deceived”.
“A criminal reserves the right to spend his stolen money on creating the belief he has a right to steal”.

He said “he has a policy he calls MAHJ. ‘Money
Available to Hurt Jeff’.” That he’d “Pay out any opposition”.
Meaning, anyone who opposes what he is doing, he will pay them money to not oppose him.
Members of the Liberal Nazi Party have accepted money to protect this psychopath from prosecution.
A great shame for Australians.

Julie Bullshit has obtained copies of my written pleas for justice, for myself and other victims, and plaguarized these same phrases in a plea to the UN for justice for Australian victims of a Malaysian Flight.
Hypocritical politicians doing their worst, and in the same week, barely a mention of the 500 Palestinian kids killed in Gaza.
The look on the faces of the other UN delegates?

I am certain it was Vlad that got hold of those ‘flight data recorders’ and had them
delivered directly to the Netherlands. Any recognition of the cargo? Any notion of revenge? Any notion of distraction?
There is a foul stench upon our homeland.
The recent introduction of security laws has the real intention of preventing anyone from distributing any evidence of the dirty deals done by the LNP in sanctioning a psychopath in exchange for personal financial gain.
This moment, this time of totalitarianist governance will be viewed by future generations of Australians as a time where our nation is no longer considered as ‘courageous with the highest of integrity’ of the honorable heroes as our forefathers of Gallipoli and the World War II veterans. ‘Lest We Forget’.
Twiggy was keen to blame welfare recipients for the ‘massive fortunes’ made by drug dealers.
But yet failed to consider the correlation of the FIFO work culture. Where upon the commencement of recreational days, individuals purchase, in bulk specific drugs that can be
difficult to detect in the workplace.
Your smile, reminicient of the Joker, combined with your deeds, shows your evil intent.


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