Some have said I am crazy.
In some ways they’re correct.

I recognized the extreme pyschological torture when I was 18 years old. I didn’t know who to talk to about it.
I first spoke to cyrinian house in 1993. I told them I was being drugged, brainwashed and forced to
do ‘things’. They said it was unlikely and more probable that I only imagined it, that I was suffering some type of paranoid delusion. They suggested I be admitted to graylands and medicated.
In 1994 I spoke to my local MP Ted Cunningham, he also suggested, that what I was saying was highly
I can understand it was difficult for them to believe what I was telling them. But what I did tell them was the truth, was implausible, but was nothing that could be considered impossible.
In 1997 I was admitted to graylands for involuntary treatment. I explained to a
panel of doctors what was happening. Their ignorance, arrogance and overwhelming power meant that I was to be forced onto medication and over a period of 7 weeks incarceration they somewhat convinced me I was mentally ill.
Over many years they
continued with threats of medication, increasingly dangerous levels of treatment (e s therapy) and life long incarceration in a psych ward.
The ginger ninja psycho freak said that I was ‘incredible’. He said ‘by that I mean, no one will ever believe anything you say’.
That he could do and say anything about me and there is nothing I can do about it. That I am his ‘perfect enemy’. That he can hurt me anytime and I can’t hurt him.
He even mentioned that he is a serial killer and can confess his crimes to me knowing full well no one will ever believe me.
In 2010 he said that he will destroy me. He said he is in Geraldton on a mission to ‘seek and destroy’. He said I dont have to deceive you, I only have to deceive everyone else. In 2011 he told of a neighbour that will shift in near me. That it is a grown man, that calls himself ‘mrduck’. That he is
‘just like homer simpson without the ha ha ha’. That he will use a black box, an electronic device that makes ‘his problem become my problem’. He also said that duck hooks up with old ladies, gets their money in his account and then throws the old lady down a mineshaft. That he is a
‘granny killer’.

I’ve spoken out before, I am continually ignored. Only for the authorities to recognize too late that I have spoken the truth. (ginger – let the bodies hit the floor).

I dont know what is going on. I guess it has to do with a
quest for ‘my money & my life’ and ‘total control over you’.

I have complained for twenty years about this psycho. I have complained about him entering my home, that he worked as a locksmith for a locksmith company based in Greenwood in 1994.
Recently I discovered my mint condition c1970’s lounge had been engraved with “I was ere, Andrew Eisland”.
This piece of shit has keys to my home and every previous home. I have complained repeatedly, only to be locked in psychiatric wards, drugged and told it is all in
my head.
The failings of the authorities has resulted in the loss of innocent lives. Those deemed collateral damage in the psychos quest for money, my life and total control. An entire nation deceived by this psycho and me…. Totally fucked… Fucked up, walking dead
man, that has no option but to speak out, speak the truth and then end my life. The authorities fucked up. Many lives destroyed and still the main priority of all those in power is ‘how to get money…’ Money of which they have no entitlement.
No consideration for the innocent lives lost, the
innocence of Australians lost, my family and loved ones forever as targets with no defense.
Everyday is a losing battle for justice. Justice not only for myself, but also for those that are already dead.
Knowing what has been done, knowing that the outcome is decided by greed,
that the only motive is money. I am disgustipated with Australians. The smugness and arrogance of those that, suck the shit drip fed to them via their facebook or bullshit tv, and their self righteous belief that they know everything because they read it on facebook or saw it on their
shitscreen, will lead to the inevitable…. Suicide. This is my home, my completely fucked up ruined home where a nations populace that was once honourable and held integrity as one their highest values, is now one of the most ignorant and stupid populaces on the planet.
Think about it. On a beach track I had a piss. Some fuck head takes a photo and puts it on the internet. That is proof of how pathetic this society has become.
So after all this, how could someone not be crazy. Injected with a chemical from the state mental health, when I am not mentally ill. A
chemical that the state has deemed cannot be injected into a person any more than 5 times.
Once per month over 5 months.
These injections were administered by toni higgins and trina cooper. Both these pysch nurses were paid by the ginger ninja to do this.
Both accepted money to drug me, have me incarcerated, to destroy my credibility on request of the ginger nut.
Yeah, I am crazy now. Been driven crazy, but I am more sane than the dumbasses that sacrificed human life for few bucks. You all exist in a bizarro world and someone
who is honourable who has told the truth only to be told I am wrong by an authority that would never know one way or the other if I have said the truth.
It is their opinion.
Their dumbass, corrupt, ill informed opinion that caused the destruction of many lives, destruction of
my life and now for you all to be known as the dumbest cunts on the planet.


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