So not one of you has the courage to speak with me about your atrocities?
You want me to change my perspective to agree with the opinions and beliefs that have been created for you via mass media.

I’ve told the truth; you cannot handle the truth.
So called Professional people made bad decisions and their concern is for their reputation and their accountability for their bad decisions.
That rh freak stated “money speaks louder than truth” and that the people that support him will make certain he gets away with his
atrocities…. And all for a dollar!
You have all sucked down copious amounts of shit, it has gone to your heads and solidified.
I know the truth, my perspective will not change to suit the money grubbing scum.
I will not accept the umbrella
of bullshit you people subscribe. I will not forgive. You can live the rest of your days knowing you are descpicable low life lying scum, have no courage and exist in world where your governers lie for profit and indemnity, whilst at the same time destroying people that they perceive as lesser
humans than themselves.
Like a martyr I die for truth, I die at the hands of those that lie. Another victim of the wealthy and powerful overlords that have convinced you to hate me for their own agenda of scamming money generated by the very same mongrels they accuse me of being.
Rh freak – “there is the truth, then there is the truth, don’t tell them the truth.”
Cupcake girl – “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
Truth? Something that none of you will ever know.

Drillerboy (kym, hehe) from the patrol forum is an
arrogant piece of shit, a dribbler of shit and a sucker of shit. Passes himself off as a know all, but only knows shit. A traitor that now lives in holland to avoid paying tax, ass sucker of Tony Abot.
His head floats in the breeze and his tongue is in whosoever bung smells good to him.


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