I have spent more than 20 years explaining to cyrinian house, state mental health and any ‘other’ authority, in a polite and fair manner. This got me nowhere. Nowhere other than locked in psychiatric hospitals, drugged with anti psychotic medication, belittled and humiliated by psychiatric
nurses and psychiatrists.
My anger is justified, my impolite, harsh and abrasive attitude is a direct result of being ignored when explaining in a polite manner that I have been stalked by a psychopath. The mental health would ridicule myself by laughing at me and saying ‘are you being chased
by the gingerbread man?’
Now people know that I was correct all along. That their negligence, ignorance and arrogant belief of ‘never being wrong’ has caused the loss of many lives, and quite possibly a psychopath that will never be held accountable.
For the ignorami of society
my intention is to get the truth acknowledged and then commit suicide.
“a fate worse than death, a life not worth living!”

There is very little time to acknowledge the truth. I have made my decision. Speak honestly, speak now or forever hold your guilt for
choosing to be an accomplice and/or accessory to a conman, predator, a murdering and deceptive psychopath.


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