The reason labour being despised is the media campaign to disintergrate her policies and governance. This stems from her call for an inquiry to the media and the reforms required in their mode of reporting with less opinion and accurate factual information.
Please indicate, in point form,
your reason for considering the previous labor government as incompetent?

Counter points to the opinions often expressed –
the economy was well regarded by many international financial experts.
The mmrt provided taxation revenue and slowed down unnecessary investment in further mining operations. Considering the volatility of commodities, many more mines would be closing at this point, along with the bank accounts of indebted recently unemployed miners.
The tax carbon provided
taxation revenue, whilst simultaneously providing a stream of funding for development of efficient and sustainable technology.
She was a good aussie whose main priority was the well being of Australia and the Australian people. LNP choose to protect the monopolised,
anticompetitive corporations that displace small business.
And as for the so-called broken promise?
It’s called education. She had a perspective, and the perpiscacity to comprehend a more informed perspective.



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