You want to move on?
The red haired freak (Andrew Eisland?), as a kid, was assaulting a toddler. He copped a flogging for it and has obtained revenge. Creating a distraction for your gawking, he was able to continued his fettish of torture and abuse any whom he saw as an easy target. He
has lied to all of you and those with a vested financial interest, enabled him to profit from murder and torture. You cheered him on, you wanted to be a ginger ninja yourself, simply because of your sycophantic tendencies of aligning your own poor soul with those of powerful wealth. Powerful
enough to make a lie become the truth. To bury the truth, to fabricate events with the intention of blackmail for profit. You cheered this asshole, you defended him with the bullshit that he drip fed to you with mass multi media campaign of hate. Naive, gullible and too stupid for
your own good?
He confessed to murdering the vulnerable, he proclaimed himself as a paedophile and he would laugh as he tells how he can deceive ‘%100 of the people %100 of the time’.
It is not illegal to hypnotise and brainwash people. Remember this fact!
As this is a precedent that has been set for lowlife scum to target those you care about. It may be illegal to spike someones consumables with rhohypnol but it is rarely proven and even rarer for the scum to be convicted.
In 2010 I wrote to ABC online investigation. Since then, the
heirachy of abc and their dumbass talking heads, degraded my life, devalued, belittled me and did whatever they could to destroy my credibility.
Be careful if you dob in a murderer. You may become the next victim.
The rh freak claims to be the ‘son of zodiac’. I had read on
the ‘net’, the zodiac had allegedly moved to an isolated part of Australia in the early 1970’s. Too bad if he told me the truth. Too bad if he has lied and deceived you all.
I have also read on the net, that a psychic investigator of the murderous crime that the freak said he committed,
has said that this had all the hallmarks of a black magic ritualized sacrifice.
He is well aware of how easy it is for him to confess to someone whom has been deemed mentally ill. One of the oldest tricks in the book?
Rh – “I got you right were I want you!”
You only know information that he has created for you.
You will never know the truth.
He said he wants ‘my money and my life’. He said he would ‘cut my tongue out one way or another’.
This was done for money. How much money? And how many ruined lives? All because of a rh sicko that
was caught attacking a toddler in a public toilet in 1983. Anyone from highschool speak up about this psycho punching me in the back of the head causing a serious concussion? 1984? Strauchy?
A nation of cowards?
Do the media personalities make you feel good about
yourself? Like you are part of the ‘in’ crowd? They do the bidding of the media moguls, in exchange for ongoing employment, and then they convince you to follow.
How many talking heads expressed an opposing point of view?
Dont lose your memory before the next election. Call
for a royal commission into the media, it’s stakeholders, financials, lobbyists and associates.
This has been a wholesale brainwashing of an entire society. Germany 1939?

When I was 16 this freak had two of his mates collect me from my family home. I was
taken to the rh freaks home in Greenwood. I was drugged and assaulted.
in 1988 the rh freak collected me from my family home to house in the little section of girrawheen corner maragaroo dve and wanneroo rd. ‘fat Phils’ house. As I walked in, a conversation was occuring
between Shane M and fat phil. They asked about a person, a young woman. Without knowing their conversation or their intent, I had said I had seen her at a set of units. We got in a car to drive to the units. The rh freak, fat phil, shane m and myself. When we got there and got out the car fattty and
shane attacked. I didnt know what to do. I grabbed my head and yelled “what the fuck are yous doing?”
The rh freak said “I am out of here” and ran. I wanted to help, but I was on my own.
I ran, I ran as fast as I could and all the way to my home. I caught up to the freak and we both ran to my family
home. I smoked about 6 bongs in a row, one after the other. I recall this rh asking me what I thought about what had just happened. I totally forgot, I couldnt remember at all. It has only appeared in my memory for the last three years. Extremely vague to begin with and still quite vague
with only fractions of detail. In the early 90s at the Greenwood hotel. I was short changed $50 by a cashier when handing me change the rh freak snatched it from her and she refused to give me my $50 change.
I did get drunk. Then when I was leaving I was asked to
help throw a rock through the window of a parked car. The person that asked had rhair but didnt appear to be the exact same person but most probably a family member of the freak (brothers in arms?), he said he had ‘some beef’ with owner. In a drunken state I helped. As I apply effort the
red haired person leaves me on my own and then I noted some men standing on the balcony at the hotel. I leave. But I guess I get the total blame. A mate I know with one of his mates did something similar whilst drunk in the suburb of north perth, at around a similar era of time. Their punishment?
a day in court, a $50 fine each and insurance covered the damage.
In 1999 the two mates of the freak took me to the freaks house. I recall he was doing the dishes and he said he will destroy my life. His mates, I have a vague memory of only one of them. The others physical
appearance is totally devoid of my menory. The first one. Has a medium build, maybe 6ft. Taller than me, bigger than me, but not over 6ft2 and not under weight. He has a rounded face a slighly darker complexion. Usually a moustache or remnants of.
Straight black hair. A bowl cut. Similar to jim carey in
dumb and dumber with a straight fringe above his brow. Large broad and definitively red lips with distinctive shape similar to joker or rolling stones album. Darker complexion and strands of dark hair moe. Rounded face, rounded nose.
This person and his offsider whom I cannot describe.
Also showed up 7 butter in 2004. They had a suit case, light blue (turquoise) in colour, hard plastic shell. Same colour and material handle with shiny alloy locks and seems that join when closed, near the handle.
They asked me if I could try and carry the suit case. To see how far I could carry it, a
test of strength. It was heavy and I could only half carry it, half drag it to the driveways end. The end of the concrete prior to the sloped bitumen part. I dragged the suit case back up the drive towards the boot of their car.
I asked what was in the case. They insisted it was nothing.
I tried to open the case and
they physically stopped me from opening the case.
In gero 2010. The redh freak and these two friends of his. Took me for a drive in their car. Maybe a brown 70’s four door holden.
I cant remember any of the conversation that took place then. But in the similar time frame, the rh, after having
me drugged he insisted I ‘not tell the Truth, but to tell the truuuuuth’.
After this the two mates of the freak also took me for a drive in the car. I remember they asked me ‘if I wanted to be king of the world?’ my reply was inline with the notion of ‘who wouldn’t want to be king of the world?’ they
told me to dob him in. To tell the truth. “fuck him, just tell the truth”. What they may not have known is that for the previous 8 years, I had explained to the state mental health that this rh freak claimed to have committed a particular murder as a need to gain leverage to ‘get what he wants’.
The mental health wouldnt listen, they insisted I agree with their opinion of delusion. I explained that, they were not there at the time of this occurance so their opinion is only an opinion. That their opinion is wrong and my statement is a statement of fact. They drugged me with anti psychotics anyway.
They taunt and humiliate me to generate an anger response so they could justify injecting me with dangerous chemicals.
Toni higgins – “your doing very well Jeff”
Me – “what to not get angry and lose my temper?”
Tony fuckhead – “yeeeoah”.
In 2010, I lived with gillian
she had a pseudo relative known as smouty. Smouty visited and insisted I smoke a bong. I had only recently started smoking weed again and only with gillian and we only smoked joints. But smouty insisted that I have a bong. After I smoke it, he brings the rh freak inside gillians house. The rh freak
then insists that I take a gun from him. I said “I dont want a gun, what would I want a gun for?” rh freak said “to shoot your family”.
He was insisting that he will ruin my life. Ruin it so badly that I will lose my temper and go on a rampage.
He said “I dont have to deceive you jeff, I only have
to deceive everyone else”.

So here I am, a totally ruined life. Surrounded by a naive and gullible society, that has been totally deceived. A psychopath murderer that has profited from his crimes with a nation of idiots cheering him on as he walks away scott free.
I told the mental health from back in 1992. I told cyrinian house from 1994, I told the office of ted Cunningham in 1994. I repeatdly told of this to the mental health from 1997 to 2014.
Like the freak said. “its the fleecing of australia. Its the wealth made off of a sheeps back, they thought the chase
for skase was bad wait til they see this”.
The rh freak also described a current neighour. “just like homer simpson without the ha ha ha.” that he’d use “an electronic device, a little black box to make his problem into my problem”. That he is “a granny killer, he gets their money into his
account and then gets rid of the granny” that ‘nepotism’ protects him from prosecution.

Obviously you will pick and choose what to believe. The fact is, everything I have written is the truth.
I know what has been said to me. I dont always know what
has actually been done unless I state as a witness account. I know that a lot is said about me, and I know damn well that much of it is false. False by design. False with intention to mislead and obscure the reality. False with the intention of mass deception.
I asked for help from those
in authority. I weigh 50kg, I couldn’t push this piece of crap out of my home, I couldnt defend myself and I couldn’t tell when people that I treated as good friends were conniving pieces of shit (richard quinn and many others), that chose to sell my life down the toilet in exchange for as little as a
bag of meth or as much as “500k dropped in your account no questions asked!”
I tried to defend myself, I tried to defend other innocent victims, I tried to speak out, speak the truth and encourage a nation to embrace decency and integrity above greed.
You all failed!
Your need to aspire to be a ginger ninja, your need to feel validated by a sychophantic following of a psychopath with a dollar and a need to feel that your in the ‘in crowd’, has been taken advantage of.

If you see this for what it
really is you will more than likely attend a catholic church, your repentance will be encouraged and your need to find a type of righteousness will fill the empty churches and avoid the sale of those properties. You will rebuild the catholic church with the blood of a scapegoat.
In 1999 the rh freak said “he will make me do what sean couldn’t”. I said “what would that be?”
He said “I’ll make you commit suicide!”

“a fate worse than death, a life not worth living!”
“Too bad, so sad!”


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