The LNP pretend. They pretend to be Australian heroes. They pretend that “they are cleaning up labors mess”. The mess was created via the then opposition mangling the mining tax (80% of mining boom profits went offshore).
The sabotaged policies, sabotaged the economy so
they can claim “the labor mess” bullplop.
They destroyed the carbon tax. They have no replacement income, they damage the economy and the reputation of Australians.
These problems have been amplified because Julia Gillard called for changes to media ownership. So the
right wing fascist media destroyed her career, destroyed the fabric of an honourable Australia. Now we have a fossil fuelled, planet polluting, fascist regime, that will wipe any opposition from existence and blatently lie and proclaim themselves as ‘heroes who have done the
hard yards” “the strength of character to make the tough choices” “the solidarity to do the right thing”.
Plagiarised phrasing from my written appeals for justice.
Phone hacking enquiry?


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