Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

The rh freak at high school 1984, farrallies class.

You all point your finger under the directive of the freak. The manipulator lied to you all and the so called Adult state educator. Under
the guidance of the educator you were taught how to conspire. You all took a vote. You do remember the vote? I do too.
The adult educator that failed to apply medical treatment when I was ‘king hit’ from behind when standing in line. That failed to ensure a nurse or doctor
or professional of health treatment to assess my concussion. The Adult educator that deliberately failed to inform my parents of a serious injury and the Adult educator that failed in educating his disciples on decency. The adult educator that taught you all to conspire to commit heinous
crimes with the intention of financial gain, ….and it was all based on a lie.
The note for the Principle? Another distractive ruse to conspire.
We were 13-14 years old. Farrally should have been a responsible adult. Instead he was a narcissistic conspirator that was
offended by a 14 year old and wanted revenge.
Due dilligence? Professional guidance? Councilors? Why not try appropriate means of improving outcomes for the children that were in your care?
How do you sleep knowing the consequences of your spite?


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