By 1996 i had got away from most of the people that were hell bent on destroying my life, with a view to exploitation for profit. In july 1997, I enrolled in TAFE and commenced a my re education away from many negative influences. One person Richard Quinn I maintained contact with, I
considered reasonably decent even though i suspected he only wanted to smoke weed, but he was in tertiary education also. 1999 due to his envy and spite he brought the red head freak into my home. I kind of remembered him from the past, but had no idea as to what sadistic crimes he
would commit to destroy lives and gain financially.
I tried to speak out about it. The police had the freak but let him go when the freak told them not to believe me because the mental health system deemed me as delusional.
I guess my mindset at the time, my reeducation in a
tertiary setting is defined by my essay on Life and the Universe. Written in 2001, it shows how I think of people and our planet. Despite the incessant attacks of brainwashing, druggings and manipulation as a lever for extortion, I still maintain recognition for the well being of the world around me and
the people that also try to survive on our planet.
To clarify a few points.
‘careful what you wish for (1999); I was referring to the fact that I had spent the previous ten years taking the blame for something I shouldnt have shouldered, and made the point that if people got to know me as
me, they wouldn’t hate so easily. I was not asking to have cameras installed in my home and 24 hour surveillance. That is the result of a psycho freak lying to anyone to get what he wants.
When i said “bring it on”, that was a reaction to the unwarranted threats against
myself and my loved ones lives.
The level of propaganda, the duration and the total manipulation of the people in this country is truly mind blowing. When he said you’re a nation of idiots, naive, gullible and too stupid for their own good.
I didnt expect it to be true.
I said to him “if the people of Perth find out what your trying to do they will want your blood.”

But he certainly showed me!


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