You prob dont understand that I refuse to live under an umbrella of lies.
You have been conned by a multi media campaign.
I was told “it is not my mistake”. And I dont even know what the mistake is. So next time you feel like a smart ass and say “lesson learned” or “epic fail”
recognise that whatever the mistake, whatever the fail, I have no idea. My brother is dead because of this, innocent people are dead because of this and ‘this’ is a scam where the freak claims he will take ‘my money and my life’ and that ‘this’ is a ‘game of death’.
I will not ‘move on’ without a truthful explaination. Continue your stupidity , continue your sheeple stampede to a fascist state, an oblivious populace that it under total control of a fucking stupid TV.

If everyone agrees to lie to me, it can only mean that
there are no friends. If you all agree to lie to me and about me forever then I will never trust anyone, ever.
If no one can ever be trusted, no one will ever be a friend, hence it is ‘a life not worth living’ and with the nature of the lies, it can only mean ‘a fate worse than death’..


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