This is a breach of human rights.
That rh said that this is ‘his ‘Sergeant Peppers’. Where he is able to convince a gullible populace to watch an innocent man being driven to suicide on coast to coast live tv. I never agreed to this, I never agreed to any of this.” but as he said “he
will make a lie become the truth and australians are naive, gullible and too stupid for their own good”.

Whatever I supposedly did wrong. I did wrong as a kid. No different to the billion of other dumb kids throughout history. I belted this fuckhead because of what
he did. As revenge him and his family attacked me on several occassions in my early teens, I am certain it was rh that king hit me whilst standing in line to go to class wshs 1984. When I was seventeen he and his mates proclaimed “we want his blood”. Because of his lies, my peers trashed my life
between the ages of 19 – 27. I took my punishment on the chin. Although I had written my name on the pieces of paper, I did not sign them. This meant that their form of punishment -“owning and obtaining profit from destroying another life” was unsuccessful as they couldnt claim the financial
gain. It was the financial gain that was their main concern. Nothing to do with any ‘lesson’ moral or otherwise. They wanted the money as they felt humilated after previously proclaiming themselves as ‘kings’ ‘tattoed millionaires’ etc. Because they didnt have my signature they had no right
to any of my life. So they use sickening techniques to set me up, frame me, threaten and extort. And then ‘sell’ the notion of their entitlement, their belief of right and obliterate any notion of truth with propaganda and peer pressure. Even some that know the truth are too fearful to speak, gloat about feeling
like they are ‘in the loop’ and part of the ‘cool group’ or even offered money to shut their mouths.
Noel sade described it as ‘crime of the century’.1998.
The rh fuck said “I will pay out any opposition to get what I want. By that I mean anyone who opposes me I will pay them to not oppose
me”. 2011.


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