You dickheads should know, that this is the oldest trick in the criminals handbook.
Drug and brainwash the victim amd then steal everything. If the victim complains then humiliate and ridicule the victim until they commit suicide. I consider myself a ‘dead man walking’ and I speak,
knowing full well what these people have done and the threats they have used to silence me.
It has been done before and they will do it again.
You need to recognize this situation as a warning to protect your own families. I know they have used the brainwashing, hypnosis and
druggings to create a ‘compromising’ situation that they can then peddle as a tool of humiliation. And I don’t care. I will still speak the truth no matter what weighty person insists on spruiking their bullshit opinion. I dont expect to be alive to see justice. But I do believe that somewhere,
sometime, someone will speak up.
The process of making a lie become the truth started back in the early 80’s. Even at high school I was king hit and concussed. No teacher or student was ever held accountable, my parents were not informed and I even recall some students
suggesting I was never the same after being king hit. The ‘who stole the cookie’ game was rigged by this rh fucker as a means of generating a belief that I am easy to blame and therefore an easy target. Many times I was blamed for things I didnt do or only had a distal association with those that
are to blame. It was all too easy. The money gave this person easy leverage over people. People did what they were told or were paid for their silence or their dirty deeds.
Honesty is a liability. My life is ruined because I chose truth and defence of the vulnerable rather than sell
out for a dirty dollar. My conscious is clear and those that have lied, those that have taken bribes can live the rest of lives knowing that justice is only one question with one perplexing answer away. Watch tvs ‘columbo’ and recognize, you will trip yourselves in the quest for greed and power.


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