So the then opposition (lnp) agreed to help murdoch destroy the proposed changes to media ownership laws. Murdoch had been advised his anologue media empire would not be enough to compete in the digital age. The mining companies despise the resource tax. As a coalition with their own
self interests dependant on each other, the media trashes the ALP incessantly, the LNP agrees to eliminate the MRT and Carbon Tax as key points in trashing the ALP and Murdoch is offered total control of the digital network in exchange for perpetuating the propaganda as designed to
keep the LNP in government.
The LNP obliterates the initial purpose of the MRT with intention of causing damage to the economy, so they can then criticise the ALP about expenditure and avoid mentioning the lost revenue from the now mangled MRT. The LNP gains power via a campaign
of misinformation and a notion of self entitled nasty and malicious behaviour. The LNP then says the economy is stuffed because of the ALP and the carbon tax, the carbon tax needs to be axed. So in destroying the two taxes the revenue generated has been substantially dimished.
Hence the extremely harsh, ‘designed to divide budget’, that eliminates the voice of the less powerful.
I could speculate on the lobby groups, the ‘donations with purpose’ that have given the LNP the self righteous belief of taking what they can ‘because they can’.
“The age of entitlement is over.” ‘Means they have conspired to steal fortunes and your not entitled to justice to get back what is rightfully yours.’
If I had of comitted suicide like they tried to force me to do, none of you would haver ever have known the truth.
The fact that the LNP (jh) was in power when the conviction of bryant was devoid of justice and then again with shappelle corby.
Could it be, that the LNP looks at any Australian as potentially an ‘expendable individual’ for the purpose of political power?


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