Over the 20 years I have made many complaints about this rh piece of shit.
The easy answer was to tell me ‘it is all my head’.
He assualted me several times throughout my teenage years. He uses chemicals like rhypnol to attack people and then to convince them ‘it never
In the early 90’s at the entertainment centre in the grass area to the east, I heard a young woman only 10-15 metres away, whom sounded as though she was in distress. There were many other people in the immediate vicinity and her complaints could easily have
been misinterpreted as a ‘couple frolicking’. After several minutes, I got up from a seated position walked over to the couple and asked “are you ok?” at this time several other people got up and walked over to the area. Amongst the commotion that followed there was a male person
questioning the rh freak. I was too far away to hear any spoken word, but I could clearly see the rh freak pointing his finger.
Those that were there that night, need to speak up about this rh freak.

When he drove my car and caused an accident, he got
out of the drivers seat and once again he was pointing his finger.
In the immediate confusion he is able to misdirect the observations of any witnesses.
These witnesses need to come forward and speak up.

His use of rhohypnol and
similiar chemicals, his ability to lie incessantly, has allowed far too much power to manipulate.
In 2010 he said “I dont have to deceive you, I just have to deceive everyone else”.
His use of mass multi media, chemicals, the power of money and its associated influence and he has
completely destroyed my life and re written history to suit his own favour.
If he is employed by a media company, if he does use all of you to spread his propaganda, if he has tricked you all. Then you are all accessories to one of the nastiest conmen in the history of this country. For
many years I never had a clue as to what he was doing. As I started to piece it together I had the mental health system insisting on labeling me as delusional and schizophrenic. In all this time, not once has any psychiatrists had any evidence to prove their diagnosis and not once did
they ever consider the consequences of the truth.
I am angry. Extremely angry. To know that I am a victim. To know that I am a scapegoat and to know that you all cheer as he obliterates and profits from his victims. To know that I have spoken up, and not be heard. To know that “it was
easy peasy” for this asshole to point his finger, blame and then walk away scot free, whilst an entire nation is oblivious. Blinded by promises of money, you have all aided a psychopath, who is actually laughing at a populace that is naive, gullible and far too stupid for their own good.


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