The liberal nazi party pushed their way into power.
They maintain a policy of witholding any and all information.
The media become irate at the lack correspondence.
The liberal nazis then decide that they can issue a formal statement as a means of creating a belief that they are
addressing the current issue. The pattern follows, whereby the nazi whom holds the portfolio of an issue stands at a podium in front of the media, issues a statement, shuffles some paper and then proceeds to walk away. This particular nazi is then unnoticed for several weeks. As another issue arises, this
issue is then addressed by another nazi in the same manner, and then is also unnoticed for several weeks. This pattern continues, as they recognize that the attention span of populous is limited.
For this interaction they have not sworn an oath, they do not consider any
repercussions of omitting information or falsifying their statement. They don’t have to tell the truth, so they don’t. They don’t have to answer questions, so they don’t. This is a seriously disturbing outcome for Australians. The whole notion of politicians is that they represent the people, the constituents of
the electorate.
It is obvious the LNP represent themselves and their own interests.
They ensure that they will never be held accountable.


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