In 1999 that ginger ninja told me that my family might as well have painted a target on my back. Ive dobbed in this fuckhead and his cohorts for the crimes they’ve committed with intention to extort. The state governnent and its various departments have all acted to destroy any credibility I may have had in
exchange for a few bucks.

In 2011 the ginger said “he would pay the judge to get the outcome he wants”. He also stated that the people that support him, will make certain that he gets away with murder. In 2000 he stated that australians are naive, gullible and too stupid
for their own good. He said he will prove it. It seems that he has proven this beyond all doubt.
This country is my home. I choose to not live in any other country, but I can no longer live here. I am left with the only option of choosing not to live.
The ginger said to me, that it
is not my mistake. That this was rigged from the very beginning and I cant win, so don’t try.
He also said he wants my money and my life and that he would cut my tongue out one way or another. He said that him and his cohorts are ruthless people and they will do whatever it takes to get
what they want.
Do you all feel proud?
Karma will come around. What you have done to me, the global populous will do to you. No longer will Australians be seen as people of integrity and honour. You will all be considered as fair game, as deceitful as any other
And just how much money did you get for your souls?


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