Fabricated dramatization, characterization, made for tv…..
This is the bullshit you have all swallowed.
I never agreed to any of this. This is a state sanctioned murder, where the nations populous is tricked into agreeing to drive an innocent man to suicide.
Tricked by using ‘words and pictures’. And the latest rhetoric – lesson learned. Yeah the lesson is, that truth and justice are purchased by those that can, democracy is a fallacy, honesty is a liability easily interchanged with stupidity. If you think that I will let this go, if you think that I will sellout the
truth and integrity to appease those that control what you think? Then you are wrong. The day I stop fighting, is the day I recognize that the corrupt authorities will never face accountablity, the day I understand that the truth is buried and the gullible populous are far too stupid
to recognize how they have all been used, is the day I take my life, and it will soon be here.

Gillian lane said to me, “that I will be a martyr for my cause, if I continue to push for the truth, I will suffer a horrific death”.
The ginger said to her “he
has got no evidence, he can’t prove a thing, this has to happen.”
She agreed to help this psycho, by drugging me so I am easily attacked, brainwashed and set up. And she did this for $50,000 deposit for a home loan.
Ben Tomasino said that he was expecting a $500,000
payment in exchange for setting me up. The ginger told me he had a policy known as MAHJ. ‘money available, hurt Jeff.’
The ginger stated that he is the ‘Son of Zodiac’ collecting souls and that he is a reincarnate of Hitler.
I guess the only thing you can really buy with this
money, is a ticket to hell.
The psycho ginger explained the jon benay ramsey case.
How a small town populous was tricked into speculating and spreading rumours about a particular young man. This kid committed suicide, the police then told the towns populous he actually had nothing to do
with the crime. The mother died of stress induced cancer and the fathers’ life was ruined.
The towns people were pyschologically scarred, knowing how their social insanity destroyed lives and there was no definitive answer for whole sorry saga.
Richard Quinn told me that
he made contact with psycho ginger on the internet. That psycho had a unique gift and was looking for another victim. Richard stated he was paid a finders fee for offering my personal details and bringing this psycho to my home.
The psycho demonstrated his unique gift. It took
several years for me to recognise that he does have a gift. I stated “so you can predict the future?” he said “no I dont predict the future, I see the future”. He then told me of a tsunami like the tsunami that hit banda aceh. He said it would hit japan, that there would be a nuclear meltdown that would result
in japan being uninhabitable for 500,000 years. That saving the people of japan would be like the old computer game ‘helicopter rescue’. The survivors will climb upon a stretcher and be delivered from one island to a safe island.
I don’t have to live with this situation. But you do!
Down, down. Stay down.

Suck up your propaganda, you have no need to think for yourselves.

Gold fever, you all go insane hoping for a financial gain, blinded to the truth as you justify your hatefulness and greed.


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