The whole mess of Islam v The West stems from oil companies stifling technological development.
Electric cars in the 1980s would have deescalated the problems of political unrest and environmental damage we are now dealing with.
Saddam and George Bush S made a deal in the mid 80s.
Saddam, it seems, got the better of George. George, in a peeved state, made it difficult for Saddam. This resulted in a retaliation involving Kuwaiti oil.
George then, using military force, isolates Saddam and Iraq. No fly zones, trade embargoes etc. In 2003, under the guise of terrorism,
Junior, commanded by his dad, is to take out his enemy permanantly.
The resulting vacuum inspires the ‘hateful to the west’ to rise and they have strived to venge their losses.

Ionized hydrogen has been a Potential fuel for decades. Electric and solar power has
been underdeveloped and under utilized as a means to attain the greatest financial gain from the last drop of oil.
The fossil fuel technology filters through to those states less affable of modern technology. This will extenuate the same problems in politically unstable statehoods. Many
of these problems, environment pollution, blood for oil, manipulation of the religious, are a direct result of stifled, sustainable, technological development.


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