In feb/march 2004 that red haired freak and a young woman showed up at my house. Not together, but only minutes apart. She made demands, that che wanted me to sign a bit of paper. She said that sean b was setting me up and che wanted to help me. That I have to sign or they wont
help me. She was demanding and threatening, she was bashing her hand on the table demanding I sign the paper. I wrote my name on it. She then whipped out another piece of paper and again bashed the table demanding I sign. Using fear and threat. She had stated that if I didnt sign
that che will be murdered next and then me. I signed it.

She left, the rh said “chase her get that paper back”. I figured due process would show this as a nasty scam from dangerous and greedy people. The rh then said that he murdered d ugle. He said she was collateral damage,
that he had to do it to get the leverage he needed to get what he wanted. I had no reason not to believe him.
A few years later in, geraldton, he said that ted cunningham was a problem and now that problem is ‘solvered’. He also stated about a girl in midland that he ‘stuffed a little girl down
the drain’. I now consider he was referring to the mcmahon girl.
He had also told me that he is ‘the most prolific….’.
It at this time he said that he will ‘pay the judge to get the outcome he wants’. He also stated that the people that support him will make certain he gets away with
I consider that ch7 ‘people’ are making certain he gets away with it. I base this decision on the tv event in 1994, ch7s determined need to not to be sued or held accountable and the incessant propaganda perpetuated over recent years.
I believed in truth and justice and to think that a society will allow this psychopath to get away with annihilation of the innocent and vulnerable in exchange for a few bucks, disgustipates me. I choose to not live in such a corrupt and stupid society. To be stabbed in the back by so called friends, incessant
derogatory gossip and rumour to make a lie become the truth, and all and only for money. So the rich and powerful become even more rich and powerful. Powerful enough to make you believe what they want you to believe. Naive? gullible? stupid?
Your tv told you so.
Only a few years ago the ‘cupcake girl’ said “when you build your house Jeff, make sure you’ve got plenty of hanging space”.

And there is…..


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